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DER Kontroller®

IMG 0025We introduce an excellent automatic system of growing process developed in Czech Republic.

Grow with the biggest yield
thanks to perfectly controlled environment.

Grow in medical quality
and always without the excessive consumption of fertilizers.

Grow with no need to your time thanks to the automatization
and remote access.

DER Kontroller® | CORE

Core of the system providing advanced working logic which is able to ideally react to various setups of connected power appliances and working sensors. Software features offer cascading planting profiles, a persistent layer, record and ample display options of measured data, local or cloud access. Regular updates and support of development team are matter of course.

IMG 0071DER Kontroller® | AIR

Sensor units providing data about indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and light exposure.




IMG 0004 DER Kontroller® | FDU

Sensor units providing data about the wattering properties such as  temperature, pH, EC, DO and ORP.

DER Kontroller® | PWD

Units for power appliances connection providing requested regulation of planting environment properties.


IMG 0041

 DER Kontroller® | FCU

Unit for setting and maintaining the correct fertigation properties (nutritional wattering). You can use pre-set or user-defined fertilizers. The unit is capable of serving different types of growing systems.



IMG 0008

DER Kontroller® | PEX

Interface for other functional units (FDU, AIR, VN ...) connection for managing additional or different growing areas or remote sensors connection.


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